The BayPay Forum Podcast

January 27 2020 to January 31, 2020 Weekly summary from The BayPay Forum Blockchain News

January 31, 2020

This edition summarizes the news in Blockchain and Crypto-currencies for the week starting January 27 to January 31, 2020. All the highlights episodes in one single weekly episode.

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Here is the list of companies or countries mentioned this week:

Tezos, Ethereum, Ukraine, Israel, Iran, Bitcoin, Google, Deutsche, Bank of England, Stablecoin, China, Crypto, Telegram, Gemini, Blockchain, Vakt, Uphold, Ex-PBoC, China, Libra, IBM, Standard Chartered, Bitcoin, Ransomware, Opporty, Singapore, Lightning Payments, Swiss, Blockchain IPO, Colorado, ETHDenver, Coinbase, Binance, US, France, BTC-e, UK, Bitstamp, FCA Payments, CME, Ponzi, OneCoin, Silvergate Bank, Q4, LedgerX, CFTC, Miami, Futures Exchange, MakerDAO, JPMorgan, Binance, Coinbase, Ireland, TokenSoft, Wallet, Coinbase, Bison, Japan, Central Bank, Stablecoins, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Bittrex, US, Hodgepodge, Bidooh, Silk Road, Bitcoin, Casa, Bitfinex, Margin Trading, Tether Gold, SBI Holdings, XRP Cryptocurrency, Hyperledger, Fabric Blockchain, Android, Crypto Tax Software, Deribit, BTC, USA.

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